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The mosquito situation is greatly improved--however, we are monitoring the bee situation, and are fearful that their numbers may be reduced.

Sandra K
Aug 13, 2018

I have a severe mosquito problem in my area. Each year I try to find a company whose product works effectively. I believe I’ve finally found that company! My only regret is I didn’t call earlier in the season. Although you’ve done a fantastic job eliminating the mosquitos in a short span of time. I’m completely satisfied with Mosquito Joe. I will recommend “Joe” to everyone I know. You have no idea how vicious the mosquitos were at my home. I literally used to run from my driveway into my house. I would get bitten at least ten times or more just walking in the house from the car. I hadn’t been able to spend any time outdoors in years (not kidding). Now I can stand outside and talk to my neighbors and sit on the swing in my yard & read my book like I love to do without being eaten by mosquitos. Thank you very much MJ! I plan to use your services every year! I will spread the word about how you’ve saved my summer!

Cheryl G
Aug 12, 2018

Was outdoors at about 2 p.m. yesterday, not necessarily high mosquito time, and lots of mosquitos had to put on spray, got bitten a few times

Jon S
Aug 06, 2018

Wonderful company, great service. The owner seems to make every member feel as important as there first client. Called a few day before July 4th for a party we were having at our house. They were able to fit us in there schedule even during one of there busiest holidays. We have a heavily wooded backyard and no one was bit. Dinner outside, yard work, playing with the dogs and no worries about pesky mosquitoes.

Aaron L
Aug 01, 2018

I already have tecommended your service to s Bernal people I know! It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy our yard without the halo of bugs following me. Should have done this ages ago!

Laura D
Jul 29, 2018

I am so grateful for Mosquito Joe. Last summer we couldn't even open our back door without the mosquitos swarming in, and I tried all the home remedies such as Cutter, citronella candles and bug spray. This summer I called Mosquito Joe and we have been sitting out almost every night on our patio.

Laraine B
Jul 21, 2018

We weren’t able to sit in our backyard at all this spring (morning or evening) because of the multitude of mosquitoes. Since we began the organic treatments with Mosquito Joe, we have been able to enjoy our yard again with almost no mosquitoes. We recently had an outdoor party late into the night, and everyone was comfortable.

Laureen H
Jul 20, 2018

We still have mosquitoes. Not as many on the wood deck (2nd floor), but we still get eaten up on the patio (1st floor). :-(

Carrie B
Jul 16, 2018

We have had a few bites but they are noseeum s

Mike R
Jul 13, 2018

My husband and I were commenting last night - that we really do think it has made a difference in our outdoor time! I know we haven't had much rain lately - but don't think that is what drove them away - but your great service (both the product and the people working for you) . And I am in the process of recommending you to another friend!

Lisa R
Jul 12, 2018